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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Scheme for remaining weeks of Unit 1 coursework

By the end of this unit you will have evidence of:

  • X 2 Final outcomes – Skirt & Corset
  • X 2 sketchbooks – Main & Mini self directed (Independent study - Photography, sketches, textiles links, drawings of work inspired by your Unit 1 work )
  • A blogspot that records your wok and shows Critical analysis
  • A series of Large scale presentation boards in a medium of your choice - Be creative in presentation - You do not HAVE to spend a fortune on purchasing presentation boards - look at your project and decide on a medium to suit...They may include:
A Research board
A board that investigates Cubism
A board that investigates Architecture
A board that investigates Designers
Photo shoot
Fabric sampling
Sketches – design development
Final designs and development of final solutions
Final 3D outcomes Photographed

Ultimately, the decision is yours for the presentation of your Presentation board work, but they should present your work in its best light and not just be repetitions of what is in your sketchbook.

Using Blogspots for research

Remember to use the blogspots listed here in order to further support your textile sampling development / designer understanding etc. You may find a technique / process / designer etc that we have not investigated in class that is specifically relevant to your project or a piece of work that is specifically relevant to your project. If so, record that information and explain how it could be used in your sketchbook. For example the recent update on this blog reminds me of the type of work Erin has been exploring in some of her fabric sampling. Now if Erin has not accessed this blogspot recently, she may not have seen this and cant cite it as research material in her work....

Assessment of your work

Last week, we discussed in depth the expectations, mark allocation and breakdowns. Listed below is a reminder of how you are being assessed for this unit of work:

Textiles Design Specification - This is what you have to study over your two units of work. Unit 1 covers much of the specification. We then cover remaining point in Unit 2.

General Assessment objectives

Grid of Assessment of objectives with marking breakdown - This is how you will be marked for Unit 1.

Examples of work provided by the Examination board

This is an piece of work that would have had a range of other pieces of work with it as well as a minimum of one sketchbook.

I will upload the work showed to you last week from the Examination meeting on friday - The disk does not like my Mac!

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