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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cover work Tues 23rd March

In Miss Dodd's absence, can you please ensure that you are progressing with Textile sampling in lesson and sketchbook development and refinement independently for homework. You should have a good body of textiles samples for peer reflection tomorrow in my lesson - remember I said approximately 20, but these should be considered of quality, rather than quantity, you have had 10 hours to develop these and your work should reflect this time allocation.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Student blog updates - Unit 2

Student Blog Updates

Having looked at your recorded information on your blog, some of you still need to update blogspots. Well done those of you who have recently updated successfully. Those of you who need to update fully, please do so before Friday 19th March as requested.

Early March review - Unit 2

You should have, to date, the following:

Initial stages - Friday 5th March
  • The question you are investigating
  • A series of research and development pages in your sketch book
  • Investigation into a series of Artists that may be inspiring your work
  • Clear links made from Artists into your own work
  • The initial development of outcomes in sketchbook that respond to your artists, peer feedback and your own research
  • A piece of work, external to your sketchbook that reflects your project as of Friday 5th March
Developmental stage - Friday 19th March
  • Peer feedback recorded in sketchbook in an interesting manner
  • Extensive visual and developmental discussion as to how your work is progressing via your blogspot as of Friday 12th March
  • A Series of responses / developmental processes to your external piece of work evident in sketchbook
  • A minimum of two pieces of work, external to your sketchbook that reflects your project as it is developing as of Friday 12th March
  • A suggested framework for progression submitted following external work handed in to teacher as of Tues 16th March
Outcome 1 - Friday 19th March - Developmental stage of sketchbook
You will be submitting for Initial assessment the following:
  1. Your sketchbook to date, to include:
  • Research section
  • Primary photography
  • Sketches
  • Illustrations
  • Mixed media representation
  • Extended Textile experimentation / sampling
  • Any other development strategies appropriate to your project
2. Your Minimum of three external pieces of work in appropriate media