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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trend Bibles trend predictions for the Textiles and Craft Industry

Take a look at this link. The Trend Compapy -'s Review of the Trend Fair "The British Trade Craft Fair' for some inspirational ideas and links.
Rachel Coleman's designs certainly interested me and inspired me to take a look at her website -

Monday, 19 April 2010

Examination timetable

Reminder - Dates for your Diary

Examination timetable for Textiles Design
Wed P1-3 28th April
Fri P3-4 30th April
Wed P1-3 5th May

This includes preparation time. All materials you require must be on site prior to your exam commencement slots.

The materials and resource sheet must be finished and submitted for Friday 23rd of April.

Research / development idea

Organic / Surfaces may wish to look at this recent blog update:

AS Textiles Year 12 Midpoint Peer Review
You will be Peer assesing another member of the group and feeding back to them in the following lesson. The areas you will be expected to look at will be:

Strengths of sketchbook work (link to assessment objectives – Updates available on blog)
· AO1 -
· AO2 -
· AO3 -
· AO4 –
Improvement strategies (link to assessment objectives – Updates available on blog)
· Inspiration focus
· Fabric / manipulation considerations
· Additional comments

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Assesment objectives - recap

Assessment of your work - Peer Assessment task

Review the Assesment material below before progressing with your Peer assesment task that will be requested of you on your first session back after Easter.

Overview -

Although many of the assessment objectives overlap, the outline may help you understand the marking procedure more effectively. Please use this whilst conducting your peer assessment.
  • AO1 looks at how well you carry out your initial research - the areas and sources you use as part of your research strategies
  • AO2 looks at extending your research - your personal interpretation - how you have developed your own response to research in the form of drawings, sketches, media experimentation and fabric samples
  • AO3 looks at developing your ideas - sampling, external work and extended fabric sampling
  • AO4 Looks at your Outcomes - how well you have personally responded to the project as a whole. You may not be able to fully respond to this Assesment objective in your Peer Assesment task at this stage.
General Assessment objectives
Grid of Assessment of objectives with marking breakdown - This is how you will be marked for Unit 2.

Recap on review session

A reminder of what we were looking at during the last session of the term - Have you / Are you going to cover all these areas in your Unit of work.

Remember, in order to achieve a worthy grade, you should be.

If you have not, how will you ensure you can?
Skills and Techniques

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate skills,
as defined in Section 3.5 of this specification, in the
context of their chosen area(s) of Textile Design.
Candidates will be required to demonstrate skills in all
of the following:
• awareness of the elements of Textile Design,
such as shape, colour, texture, pattern, harmony,
contrast and/or repetition
• appreciation of the relationship of form and
function and, where applicable, the constraints of
working to a brief
• understanding of a variety of textile methods, such
as fabric printing (mono-printing, relief printing
and/or screen printing), tie-dye, batik, spraying,
transfer and fabric construction and stitching
(appliqué, patchwork, padding, quilting and/or

Knowledge and Understanding

Candidates must show knowledge and
understanding of:
• how ideas, feelings and meanings can be
conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts
created in the chosen area(s) of Textile Design
• historical and contemporary developments and
different styles and genres
• how images and artefacts relate to social,
environmental, cultural and/or ethical contexts,
and to the time and place in which they were
• continuity and change in different styles, genres
and traditions relevant to Textile Design
• the working vocabulary and specialist terminology
which is relevant to their chosen area(s) of Textile