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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Unit 2 Assignment

You have been provided with your Unit 2 assignment topics. You must Select one of the questions from below to commence your investigations for this Unit.

Initial tasks
  1. Produce a spiderdiagram of initial thoughts processes for the questions that you find worth pursuing
  2. Selecting a maximum of two questions, produce a short visual presentation that investigates the following:
  • Theme exploration
  • Influences
  • Key issues and trends
  • Traditional or contemporary Artists and Designers that have explored the theme you are considering
  • Fashion / Textiles Artists that have explored / been inspired by the theme you hare considering
  • End Products that may have been influenced by the theme you are considering
  • Any other areas that you feel are relevant to the theme you are considering

Quick think - Which Question may have inspired the following works?

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