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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Early March review - Unit 2

You should have, to date, the following:

Initial stages - Friday 5th March
  • The question you are investigating
  • A series of research and development pages in your sketch book
  • Investigation into a series of Artists that may be inspiring your work
  • Clear links made from Artists into your own work
  • The initial development of outcomes in sketchbook that respond to your artists, peer feedback and your own research
  • A piece of work, external to your sketchbook that reflects your project as of Friday 5th March
Developmental stage - Friday 19th March
  • Peer feedback recorded in sketchbook in an interesting manner
  • Extensive visual and developmental discussion as to how your work is progressing via your blogspot as of Friday 12th March
  • A Series of responses / developmental processes to your external piece of work evident in sketchbook
  • A minimum of two pieces of work, external to your sketchbook that reflects your project as it is developing as of Friday 12th March
  • A suggested framework for progression submitted following external work handed in to teacher as of Tues 16th March
Outcome 1 - Friday 19th March - Developmental stage of sketchbook
You will be submitting for Initial assessment the following:
  1. Your sketchbook to date, to include:
  • Research section
  • Primary photography
  • Sketches
  • Illustrations
  • Mixed media representation
  • Extended Textile experimentation / sampling
  • Any other development strategies appropriate to your project
2. Your Minimum of three external pieces of work in appropriate media

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