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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Assesment objectives - recap

Assessment of your work - Peer Assessment task

Review the Assesment material below before progressing with your Peer assesment task that will be requested of you on your first session back after Easter.

Overview -

Although many of the assessment objectives overlap, the outline may help you understand the marking procedure more effectively. Please use this whilst conducting your peer assessment.
  • AO1 looks at how well you carry out your initial research - the areas and sources you use as part of your research strategies
  • AO2 looks at extending your research - your personal interpretation - how you have developed your own response to research in the form of drawings, sketches, media experimentation and fabric samples
  • AO3 looks at developing your ideas - sampling, external work and extended fabric sampling
  • AO4 Looks at your Outcomes - how well you have personally responded to the project as a whole. You may not be able to fully respond to this Assesment objective in your Peer Assesment task at this stage.
General Assessment objectives
Grid of Assessment of objectives with marking breakdown - This is how you will be marked for Unit 2.

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